Melbourne Tennis Month

Eildon Park Tennis Club, in conjunction with Musta, Tennis Victoria and Knox City Council, is excited to announce a new participation initiative called ‘Melbourne Tennis Month.’

Melbourne Tennis Month provides a calendar of FREE tennis events during the month of February.  Last year, 743,667 people attended the 2018 Australian Open at Melbourne Park and we see this as an incredible opportunity to encourage returning and new participants to get on court.

We would like to invite you, your friends, family and neighbours to get involved.  Whether you’ve regained the motivation to get back on court after a break from the game, looking to try a new sport, want to get your kids / family into coaching, or simply want more information about other ways to get involved, below is all the information you need.

When: All throughoutFebruary 2019

Types of events:  Social, cardio, hot shots, coaching and “meet and greet” sessions for competition tennis

More information:, scroll down and press “Register”, then scroll down and type “Eildon Park Tennis Club” to see a list of all the free events being run through February.

EPTC website:

EPTC Facebook:


Helping out Special Needs Schools

On Friday the 14th of September Eildon Park Tennis Club hosted special needs schools organised by Tennis Victoria.  All the courts were utilised with 70 children attending and playing Hot Shot tennis. Thanks to AJ and his team, the program was very well run with lots of fun for the children, and we finished with a sausage sizzle.  Additionally, it was great to hear that the schools were so thrilled with the program that they’re committed to return for another event. The staff from Tennis Victoria thanked our tennis club for providing our facilities which we were only too happy to provide. Eildon Park Tennis Club have secured further funding to be able to continue our Hot Shot programs with children with autism and coaching by AJ and his team. As a club we are proud to be able to make a contribution to the community and especially to children with special needs.

Do you believe in magic??

We had the pleasure today of hosting for the first time “The Melbourne Magic Academy” and their end of term graduation performance.
The internationally recognised and award winning Melbourne Magic Academy empowers children by teaching them the art of magic; building their character, confidence and communication skills for life. The Academy is the only Australian School of Magic to offer the exclusive ‘Discover Magic’ curriculum, and it’s being delivered by the best combination of trainers you could ask for.
EPTC are excited by the possibility of partnering with TMMA who are looking to potentially hold their weekly classes in our clubhouse on a Sunday afternoon. If you’d like further information, we encourage you visit their website / FB page.

Just 4 Fun Children’s Festival – 30 Sept 2018

EPTC is supporting Knox Council’s Just 4 Fun Children’s Festival at the State Basketball Centre.  To view further details and print off a “Colouring In Competition flyer”, please press the links below:



Tickets can be purchased by using one of the below links: OR

Further information: please email or call 9847 2315.

Notice of 2018 Annual General Meeting – 26 August 2018 at 11:30am

Hello EPTC Members,

You are invited to attend the Eildon Park Tennis Club AGM which will be held on 26th August at 11:30am at the EPTC Club Rooms.

Please find attached the agenda for the meeting which includes a Resolution to Amend the Constitution of Eildon Park Tennis Club Inc.

If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please find attached an Appointment of Proxy form that may be used to express your vote in your absence.

A form for Nomination for Committee of EPTC is also provided. If you would like to actively contribute to the running, growth and success of our tennis club, please do not hesitate to nominate. Our club is a vibrant community asset which is envied by many in the tennis and broader community. There are constant ongoing activities that maintain the operation and the club and improve its facilities. The Committee are primarily involved in the decisions and organisation of the Club. If you’d like further information regarding the role of Committee members, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Best regards,

Michael Tomlinson



EPTC AGM Agenda 2018

Committee Nomination Form 2018

EPTC Proxy Form 2018

Book A Court (BAC) Hints, Tips & Troubleshooting Solutions

Overall the introduction of Book-a-Court at EPTC has proceeded very well. The notes below explain the system operation.

Those members that have experienced difficulties; predominantly with the one time system registration; have had issues resolved.

If anyone is having problems, please text your name and issue to me on 0438 759 245


Michael Tomlinson



Access to the Book-a-Court system is via the homepage of the club’s website:

Click on the “Book A Court” tab and you will be taken to the Book-a-Court system home page for Eildon Park Tennis Club.

Court selection: The system defaults to court 5. If you’d prefer a different court click on the link “>View Booking sheet” which appears at the bottom of the box labelled “When do you want to play?”. Within the booking sheet you can view existing bookings and can select the day, time and court that you wish to book.

Presently the system is set up for users to book a maximum of 2 bookings of up to 120 minutes per booking. Bookings may be made up a week in advance. Based on feedback these parameters may be altered.

Gate opening time: The PIN will open the access gate 10 minutes before, and up until 10 minutes after, the booked time. However in the case of a “last minute” booking (i.e. made within 10 minute period before the booked time) the PIN will only be active from the time of the booking.

The general PIN code has been deactivated; all court users are now required to us the Book-a-Court system to reserve courts.

Guests: When making a court booking, when asked to check details there is the “+ ADD PLAYER” function. Members should add other Members and/or Guests that will be playing. A fee applies for Guests and this will be displayed for payment before the booking is finalised. The booking acknowledgement message will contain your 4 digit PIN for court access and Guests are provided a 5 digit PIN code which is usable for that booking.

Gate Access: All players should use the access gate at the southern end of the carpark (i.e. the gate next to the preschool centre), entering their PIN access code on the keypad on the right hand side of the gate as they enter the facility. This should be done for all bookings even if the gate is open due to competition, coaching or club event. If the gate is closed when you enter, please close it after you pass through.

On Court: All courts are subject to booking. Play on the court that you have booked and for the times booked. This requirement applies equally to Members, competition, coaching, club events and casual users. Players that have not booked may be asked to leave the facility.

If you have any difficulties, please text your name and issue to 0438 759 245 (Michael Tomlinson).

EPTC Members Survey – Summary of Results


Late last year the EPTC Committee conducted a comprehensive online survey of Members. This message provides feedback from the survey to Club Members and other Club stakeholders.

Over 70 responses were received with the majority of responses (50%) being from the 30 to 60 age group. Approximately 55% of participants have been Members of EPTC for 6 years or more.

Overall Members are highly satisfied with the facilities at EPTC.

90% of respondents indicated they were satisfied the competitions available at EPTC however with regard to social tennis, 50% indicated that they would like to see more organised social tennis. Hence the Committee is launching Wednesday night social tennis at 7:30pm on 31 January 2018. As per information already emailed, this will be an open, variable format dependent on attendees. It will be supported via a WhatsApp chat group. The social tennis will continue each Wednesday for as long as it is attended by Members.

It was expressed throughout all age groups that they would like organised tournaments such club championships. Any volunteers willing take on this task are welcome to contact EPTC’s Secretary.

On social aspects at the club, the survey indicated that EPTC does not feature strongly in Member’s social calendars due to time constraints and other activities. And as such social events organised by the club, such as Christmas function or group travel to tournaments, were unlikely to be well patronised.

Comments regarding the cost and approach to the coaching at EPTC have been passed to the Muscillo Tennis Academy (MUSTA). For clarity of Members, specific courts at EPTC are hired by MUSTA on an exclusive basis at agreed times for conduct of tennis coaching. MUSTA is a business independent of EPTC.

The more frequent communications provided by the Club are being positively received. The survey showed that Members would like to receive information at least once a month and the EPTC Secretary has commenced this regular communication with the January 2018 update emailed on 10 January. Expect further updates early each month. In addition, the EPTC website is constantly kept up to date and the Club’s Facebook and Instagram pages also provide current information.

In summary the survey showed that Members choose EPTC for the purpose of playing tennis at very good facilities. For competition players the Club was very highly regarded. Other aspects of playing tennis at EPTC have opportunities for improvement and the Committee will continue its endeavours to address those. Members are most welcome to contribute to the operation of the Club and are encouraged to contact the Club to become actively involved.


Best regards,

Michael Tomlinson