Muscillo Tennis Academy (MUSTA), founded and directed by internationally renowned Head Coach AJ Muscillo, is at the forefront of the game when it comes to player development.
Muscillo Tennis Academy has received the following State and National coaching Awards:

  • Winner of Victorian Club Coach of the Year 2016.
  • Winner of Australian Hot Shots Coaching Program of the Year 2015.
  • Winner of Australias Most Outstanding Ranking Tournament Host (MUSTA Silver AMT).
  • Finalist in the Australian Club Coaching Program of the year for 2015 and 2016.
  • TCAV Victorian Club Coach of the Year for 2014.
  • Coach and Mentor to Michael Mattschoss (Winner of the TCAV Rookie Coach of the Year 2015).
  • High Performing Adult Cardio Tennis Deliverer 2013, 2014 and 2015 (Ambassador 2016).
  • ITF Ranking Number 4 in the world for the 35-40 Yrs Seniors (April 2015)
  • Current Australian Number 1 player for the 35-40 Yrs seniors.
  • Represented Australia as a player and Coach.

The essence of the MUSTA philosophy is to create and ensure a positive, friendly and challenging environment for all students. Through this we are able to educate our players with our world-class expertise and provide players with a rare knowledge and structured program that gives them the confidence to believe in them self, understand their own game and to play with a purpose. Our philosophy has been developed from dissecting the game at the elite international level, then designing regressions and progressions in all our programs to suit the beginner player at 3 years of age, to the aspiring pro or the social adult who wishes to get fit whilst still improving their game.

Our team is constantly researching the game and keeping our knowledge up-to-date to ensure a successful pathway for all participants involved. With all our coaches being involved and having a contribution to the weekly lesson planning, lessons are tailored specifically to where each group/player is at in their development. This creates a challenging but successful experience for players, week in – week out and sees players of all ages and standards improving immensely.

Coach education is a mandatory part of our academy so everyone who comes through is guaranteed the high quality experience regardless of which coach it is they have from team MUSTA. This has been an ongoing process for the past 3 years so all coaches are well aware of the philosophy and expectations.

Our proven track record in player development shows that MUSTA is one of the best when it comes to transitioning players from the raw beginner level to the highest junior competition grade and onto having national rankings at a junior and then senior level. We have also had players participate in club competition by the age of 7, be selected into state and national programs, be awarded full athlete scholarships at US colleges and also represent their home countries. We strongly believe that is because of regressive and progressive teaching system and our knowledge and experience of the developmental pathway.

At MUSTA we respect our role in mentoring our young athlete’s. There is a large emphasis placed on problem solving, critical thinking, exploring their creativity, developing their confidence and being a trustworthy citizen that can communicate well.

MUSTA caters for all players – We offer programs for Hot Shot junior groups from 3-16 years of age, numerous squad levels for the beginner looking to enter club competition, the tournament competitors and also the high performance international players. We also have social adult cardio tennis, adult group lessons, private lessons for rapid development, organised matchplay ladders and also host 5 tournaments a year. Classes run every day of the week from Monday through to Sunday.


Class Type Age Duration Extra
FUNdamental Stage 3-5 yrs 30 mins
RED 5-7 yrs 45 mins Red Advantage
ORANGE 7-9 yrs 45 mins  Orange Advantage
PRE-COMP/GREEN 8+ yrs 45 mins Beginner Squad 1hr
COMPETITION 10+ yrs 45 mins Development Squad 1.25 hrs
COMPETITION / TOURNAMENT 12-18 yrs 45 mins Advanced Squad 1.5 hrs
HIGH PERFORMANCE SQUAD Invite or Application 120 mins Twice Weekly
ADULT CARDIO 18+ yrs 60 mins
MATCHPLAY LADDER A Grade & B Grade Supervised
Private Lessons All Ages 30 – 60 mins Level 1, 2, or 3 Coach


Ph: 0478 097 377