EPTC Members Survey – Summary of Results


Late last year the EPTC Committee conducted a comprehensive online survey of Members. This message provides feedback from the survey to Club Members and other Club stakeholders.

Over 70 responses were received with the majority of responses (50%) being from the 30 to 60 age group. Approximately 55% of participants have been Members of EPTC for 6 years or more.

Overall Members are highly satisfied with the facilities at EPTC.

90% of respondents indicated they were satisfied the competitions available at EPTC however with regard to social tennis, 50% indicated that they would like to see more organised social tennis. Hence the Committee is launching Wednesday night social tennis at 7:30pm on 31 January 2018. As per information already emailed, this will be an open, variable format dependent on attendees. It will be supported via a WhatsApp chat group. The social tennis will continue each Wednesday for as long as it is attended by Members.

It was expressed throughout all age groups that they would like organised tournaments such club championships. Any volunteers willing take on this task are welcome to contact EPTC’s Secretary.

On social aspects at the club, the survey indicated that EPTC does not feature strongly in Member’s social calendars due to time constraints and other activities. And as such social events organised by the club, such as Christmas function or group travel to tournaments, were unlikely to be well patronised.

Comments regarding the cost and approach to the coaching at EPTC have been passed to the Muscillo Tennis Academy (MUSTA). For clarity of Members, specific courts at EPTC are hired by MUSTA on an exclusive basis at agreed times for conduct of tennis coaching. MUSTA is a business independent of EPTC.

The more frequent communications provided by the Club are being positively received. The survey showed that Members would like to receive information at least once a month and the EPTC Secretary has commenced this regular communication with the January 2018 update emailed on 10 January. Expect further updates early each month. In addition, the EPTC website is constantly kept up to date and the Club’s Facebook and Instagram pages also provide current information.

In summary the survey showed that Members choose EPTC for the purpose of playing tennis at very good facilities. For competition players the Club was very highly regarded. Other aspects of playing tennis at EPTC have opportunities for improvement and the Committee will continue its endeavours to address those. Members are most welcome to contribute to the operation of the Club and are encouraged to contact the Club to become actively involved.


Best regards,

Michael Tomlinson



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