The process for reopening….

Dear Eildon Park Tennis Club community,

We continue to wait for advice from Tennis Victoria (TV) regarding the resumption of tennis (and in which format).

Decisions on allowing community sport to recommence will hopefully be made after the government meets when the current State of Emergency ends at midnight tonight.

We will keep you updated as soon as we know what is happening.

If we do return to playing, there will obviously be some changes to how we operate in order to stay safe. Tennis Vic and Knox City Council will issue guidelines to help the club comply with the Government’s requirements. The club will provide this information to all our members as soon as it is made available and assess how we function to make necessary changes.

We know many of you are very keen to get back to playing our great game and are missing your friends at the club! We expect the Government and TV to make an informed decision with the best interests of the community in mind, so we will support their decision and follow the rules. Ultimately the decision of returning to play sport is a personal one, so we also ask you keep yourselves informed too.

Simply, there are many questions we don’t have answers to yet. But hopefully within the next week we can share some more news with you.

EPTC Committee

For tennis to remain open, every one of us needs to play our part

Use of BAC:

For tennis to remain open, every one of us needs to play our part

Right now, BAC is still available for individual use with your immediate family only – under no circumstances can any form of group hitting be arranged. You are required to bring your own hand sanitiser and wipe down the entry keypad before and after use, as well as all other “shared” surfaces that you touch.  Since there are no ongoing activities at the club, please be extra vigilant about picking up after yourselves – we have a daily issue where either a committee member or our coach Stefan has to go around all courts picking up used drink bottles or empty ball containers.  Please do the right thing by everyone else and refrain from leaving rubbish of any kind lying around.

At the end of this week (at the conclusion of the coaching program on Friday) we will be permanently locking the clubhouse to comply with these regulations.  Please remember that this means no access to toilets until further notice.

At all times, please respect and adhere to the guidelines enacted by Tennis Australia, and we will send further advice at any time if this situation changes.  Please click here for the full guidelines. TA-COVID-19-Community-Tennis-Guidelines-for-Continued-Play-V3-1

A reminder that it’s important for all members to remember to use common curtesy when using BAC so everyone can enjoy their time on court. Please ensure you make your way to your booked court – don’t jump on just any court. If you arrive and find someone on your allocated court, have a respectful conversation and check both booking confirmation texts/emails. Chances are, someone might have just made an innocent mistake. Unfortunately, when people use whatever court they please, it has a snowball effect which impacts bookings for the rest of the day.

If you have any ongoing concerns or issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Clem (, 0402 326 573) for further assistance.

Building & Clubhouse Update


  • Fan switches have been relocated to the outside of the locked box so fans can be operated without the need for a key.
  • The Rainbeater rollers have been broken / damaged for quite some time now. It’s going to cost the club over $1200 to get these repaired. In order to help keep these rollers in working order, once fixed, Stefan will produce a “how to” YouTube video and instructions will be laminated on the units for further reference. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these procedures once they’re available as they are an expensive and difficult product to continually have to repair.
  • A Key safe has been secured to the entry gate near court 8. This is to be used in case the entry keypad on the main gate has malfunctioned. In the event of this kind of situation, you’ll need to make contact with a committee member to get the code to access the spare key for the gate.

New Junior Convenor

As many of you would know, we’ve been very lucky to have Gary Clarke as our Junior Convenor for the past few seasons. Gary took on this role when no other volunteers came forward when Stuart Draffin stepped down after many many years. Gary has been a wonderful addition to the committee, and has successfully streamlined the duties of the role, making it much more flexible and far less time consuming. Gary has decided to step down from the role after he fulfils the clubs commitments for finals and submitting teams for Winter. As his children are continuing to play, Gary will continue to be around the club and helping out with the very important job of keeping the vending machine well stocked!

It is our pleasure to announce that Nick Ashton-Smith has agreed to take on the Junior Convenor role, and once the Winter season is under way, Gary will be doing a full handover to Nick. Nick plays on Tuesday nights and has a daughter who has just played her first season in juniors. You will be able to contact Nick on the number Gary has been using for all JC duties (0413 338 560) and we’ve set up a new email address specifically for JC communications, so please save into your contact list. We’ll introduce Nick to everyone at the Winter briefing session – date tbc.