Face masks and Tennis

Dear members,

The advice below is taken directly from the Department of Health and Human Services Directions as at 22nd July 2020. We have had no official word from Tennis Victoria however the following provisions apply to playing tennis until we hear further.

The key points are that you do not need to wear a face mask when you are playing tennis. This is because tennis is a strenuous form of exercise and it may be difficult to breathe wearing a mask. Of course, you may choose to wear a mask anyway if your sessions is not too strenuous.

You must carry a mask with you at all times or have one in a bag beside the court. You must wear the mask to the court and put it back on as you leave the court (ie, before you exit via the gate). Remember it’s singles play only unless you are members from the same household.

Strict adherence to physical distancing and hygiene protocols is essential. Anyone playing tennis must GET IN, PLAY, GET OUT and do not come to the courts if you have any flu/cold like symptoms.

Please continue the excellent standards you’ve set so far in Registering your attendance via the QR code or the Registration Book inside the clubhouse.

Kind regards,

Leanne Siwes



Do I have to wear a face covering while exercising?

If you are doing exercise or a physical activity where you are out of breath or puffing, such as jogging or running, you do not need to wear a face covering.  You must carry a face covering with you and wear it before and after you exercise.

If you are doing exercise or a physical activity where you are not out of breath or puffing, such as walking, then you must wear a face covering.

If you have a lawful excuse such as a medical condition, where it would be dangerous for your breathing to be obstructed while walking around, then you do not need to wear a face covering.

It is important that you keep 1.5 metres between yourself and others while exercising, even when wearing a face covering.

Further changes to Book-A-Court (BAC) for Stage 3 Restrictions

Dear Members,

Updates and clarifications are constantly being provided by Tennis Victoria during this ever evolving time. The full statement from TV can be reviewed here (https://www.tennis.com.au/vic/files/2020/07/Community-Tennis-Guidelines-Metropolitan-MelbourneandMitchell-Shire-13-July.pdf), however the situation has been clarified around how many people can be in our facility at any one time:

– Outdoor tennis facilities can host up to 10 patrons at a time subject to 1.5 metres distancing requirements (coaches can be in addition to this with a group maximum of 2 patrons per coach). If the tennis venue is big enough you can have 100m between 10 people on 5 courts and then the next 10 people on the next 5 courts.

Simply, this means we can only have 5 courts available for booking at any one time, to meet the max 10 patrons rule as we don’t have 100m between our banks of courts. Please remember that the coaching program predominantly runs between 3-7pm weekdays and requires 3 courts, so there will be limited availability during these times.

In addition to the above, coaching arrangements have been further clarified to include:

– Tennis lessons are permitted with a limit of two participants (can be from different households), in addition to the coach.  If you’d like to take advantage of improving your game during these restrictions, give Stefan a call and he can set you up with private/semi private lessons (Stefan – 0404226713)

The committee appreciates the challenges this will represent for our members trying to get on court. As such the following changes will be made to enable fairness:

– The Book-A-Court (BAC) system will once again revert back to only allowing one booking per member per day of one hour duration.

– You will now be able to book up to 2 weeks in advance to help you secure your preferred day/time.

We would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding and for also being so great at registering your details when attending the club. We have added more QR code flyer around the courts, and these can be scanned quickly and easily by downloading a free QR code reader app on your phone. If you prefer, we also have a Registration Book inside the door of the clubhouse. Your adherence to continuing to register and play singles only (unless you’re from the same household then you may play doubles) goes a long way to ensuring we can stay open during this Stage 3 restrictions.

EPTC 2020 Annual General Meeting

Dear Members,

Are you keen to understand the position of our club amidst the Covid-19 crisis?  Are you wondering how this will effect your fees for the next 12 months?  Then please join us for the EPTC Annual General Meeting for 2020 on Sunday 16th August at 11.00am, in which these items will be announced. Due to the current restrictions, for the first time in our club’s history, we will be holding the AGM online via Zoom. We are interested to see how this new format will run and hope many of you will take the opportunity to join us in this exciting “club first”. Login details and links are below:


Meeting ID: 966 1653 5232

Passcode: 751644

One tap mobile

+61861193900,,96616535232#,,,,,,0#,,751644# Australia

+61871501149,,96616535232#,,,,,,0#,,751644# Australia

Dial by your location

+61 3 7018 2005 Australia

Meeting ID: 966 1653 5232

Passcode: 751644

Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/acHp3XSdnt.

All members are encouraged to attend for an update on the club’s status and future plans. All Committee positions are also available for application and we encourage members to consider how they can contribute to the successful running of their club.  The Agenda and Nomination forms for Committee positions are attached below along with a Proxy Form should you be unable to attend the AGM.

In another first for the club, the committee has agreed to reimburse a free adult membership for members who join the committee. The caveat is attendance of 6 committee meetings in the club calendar year as well as the 2021 AGM.  Reimbursement of fees to be paid retrospectively; just prior to the 2021 AGM.

Application of technology has continued to help EPTC refine processes and procedures, with the committee consuming less time in undertaking club tasks and activities. Please consider getting involved – don’t just assume someone else will do it. This is an exciting time for the club, yet we need more people involved in order to keep the club moving forward. Your committee will always be available for ongoing support as new members find their feet and provide handovers to those willing to help.

We have been extremely fortunate the past few years in having a very dedicated committee, volunteering their time to keep the club running and moving forward. The committee would like to thank Peter Vanson for stepping into the vacant President’s role last year and successfully managing the club’s transition in appointing our new Head Coach. Peter will not be seeking re-election at the AGM as his intention was always to step up only to successfully manage the smooth transition into the new coaching program.  Thankfully Peter will stay on the committee in the Maintenance Role and continue his excellent contribution to the upkeep of our club.

The committee would also like to recognise the enormous contribution from Glenn Williams, who has also advised he will not be seeking re-election.  Glenn has been a long serving Member of the EPTC Committee as Treasurer for the past 7 years. Glenn has made an enormous contribution to EPTC with his ability to ensure the financial security of our club.

On behalf of all EPTC Members, the committee would like thank both Peter and Glenn for their contributions and achievements and wish them both ongoing success in “retirement”.

EPTC will be seeking to appoint a new President and Treasurer at the AGM and encourage all members to consider nominating.

AGM Agenda 16th Aug 2020

Nomination Form

Proxy Form

If you’d like to discuss any role, please feel free to get in touch with your committee.

Kind regards,

Leanne Siwes

ETPC Secretary

Tennis during lockdown

Dear Members,

Further to the State Government’s announcement yesterday, it is clear that any form of competition tennis will not be going ahead any time soon. Whilst this is disappointing, what is encouraging is that tennis remains on the approved exercise list for these next 6 weeks. The guidelines from Tennis Victoria state:

  • Casual play for members of the same household or for 2 people from different households.  (Simply put; this means family members from the same household can play singles or doubles together on one court. Two people from different households can only play singles – no doubles permitted.)
  • Coaching for members of the same household or one to one coaching.
  • All other programs and activity must cease until further notice.
  • Tennis equipment must not be shared.
  • No one from outside a lockdown area may play at a facility within the lockdown area – and vice versa.
  • Clubhouse must be closed, except for allowing access to toilets.

Please abide by all current guidelines and Conditions of Entry, ie., don’t invite people from outside our community, continue to register and sign in whilst onsite, be extremely vigilant with using sanitiser and wiping down surfaces you’ve touched, and get in – play – and go home.

There are no exceptions to these rules.  No other combinations allowed at this stage.  In fact, the police visited our venue this morning, so expect further visits from now on.

Victoria Police are responsible for enforcing compliance with COVID-19 State of Emergency restrictions and serious penalties and on the spot fines apply where individuals or groups are found to be non-compliant. As a tenant of a council owned facility, if we are found to be in breach of State Government directives, Council will issue written instructions to comply. If this is still not addressed, Victoria Police may be contacted for further action. Depending on the circumstances, use of the council-owned facility may also be reviewed. Therefore, it is each person’s responsibility to adhere to the current guidelines to ensure Eildon Park Tennis Club can remain open for play.

We will continue to keep you updated with changes as we progress through this second lockdown phase.

WDTA have confirmed restart!

Dear Members,

At last evening’s meeting of the Waverley Tennis Committee of Management (WDTA), it was confirmed that Waverley Tennis intends to commence its shortened weekend Winter Season 2020 with 7 rounds from Saturday 18 July and Sunday 19 July 2020.

For EPTC, this means the commencement of comps is as follows:

Juniors – Sat 18th / Sun 19th July

Pennant – Sat 18th July

KDNTA – w/c Monday 20th July (tbc)

MWM – Wednesday 22nd July

MWL – Thursday 23rd July

Night comps – w/c Monday 27th July

Your individual Convenors will be in touch with further details over the next week.
Some points to note:

  • Waverley Tennis will publish the Draws on Club Zone and email the Draws to all competing Affiliates on Wednesday 8 July 2020 giving all Affiliates 10 days to prepare rosters, advise players, etc. part of which is School Holidays.
  • Waverley Tennis is finalising a player information sheet and COVID-19 Player Declaration form which you will be asked to sign. It is designed to eliminate the need for paper declarations to be completed by each player each time they play, i.e. to eliminate the manual handling of those forms. This document will be sent to you on Wednesday 8 July 2020, with the release of the Draws.
  • With the recent announcement by the State Government of the ten (10) COVID-19 ‘Hot Zones’, any players, coaches, volunteers or spectators living in those Postcode areas will not be able to play in your teams or be in attendance at your venues.
  • There will be a soft copy ONLY of the Winter Season 2020 handbook & fixture available on the Waverley Tennis website as from Tuesday 14 July 2020.
  • Should there be any changes to the foregoing in the days ahead due to changes in the COVID-19 restrictions, you will be advised accordingly.

Return to competition & general tennis protocols

Dear Members & Visitors,

All players need to understand their responsibilities before, during and after play.  Government Guidelines require that contact details and entry and exit times, are recorded for every person entering the Eildon Park Tennis Club venue.  This is vital information in the case of someone being diagnosed with COVID-19 at a later date and needing to trace everyone they may have been in contact with.  Tennis Victoria also recommends that only people core to playing or coaching should be at the venue.  For Junior competition, this specifically means that spectators are limited to one parent/guardian of each child at any time.

It is more important than ever to stay home if you are unwell.  Even if you have mild symptoms or only feel a little unwell, you should stay at home and contact your Team Manager / relevant Convenor immediately to arrange an emergency player.


EPTC Conditions of Entry for Competition Play, Coaching & Social Hitting

  • We encourage all players, parents and spectators to download the COVIDSafe app.
  • EPTC COVID-19 Responsible Officer is Rachel Krivanek.  If you have any questions, please email or call Rachel on 0423 202 814 or rrkrivanek@gmail.com
  • The clubhouse will reopen on Monday 6th July for access to the Registration Table, sanitising and cleaning supplies and use of toilets.  Tables and chairs inside the clubhouse are not to be used at this time and the kitchen & bar remain closed.
  • The Registration Table inside the door of the clubhouse will have the Registration Book, hand sanitiser, disposable wipes, disposable gloves, and Spray & Wipe for cleaning surfaces.  There will be room for scorecards and pens as well.
  • EVERY TIME YOU ENTER THE VENUE, WHETHER PLAYING OR NOT, you must register your attendance by either writing your details in the Registration Book, OR via the QR code app found on external windows and on the Registration Table.
  • DHHS guidelines require cleaning of community facilities at least twice a day.  The coaching group will clean once during the day, and at the end of each day/night of competition, players will be required to clean and sanitise as per the list displayed at the Registration Table.
  • Players need to bring their own tennis related equipment, food and drink and not share with others.
  • Hand Sanitiser should be used frequently.
  • Where possible, scores should be recorded by one person, either with their own pen or a shared pen that is sanitised before and after use.
  • Opponents should change ends via opposite sides of the net.
  • A racquet tap should be used instead of shaking hands after a match.
  • Court gates to be left open to minimise contact with hard surfaces and minimise the requirement for cleaning.
  • All current Government hygiene protocols and physically distancing requirements are clearly signed around the venue and are to be adhered to at all times.


Victoria Police are responsible for enforcing compliance with COVID-19 State of Emergency restrictions and serious penalties and on the spot fines apply where individuals or groups are found to be non-compliant.  As a tenant of a council owned facility, if we are found to be in breach of State Government directives, Council will issue written instructions to comply.  If this is still not addressed, Victoria Police may be contacted for further action.  Depending on the circumstances, use of the council-owned facility may also be reviewed.  Therefore, it is each person’s responsibility to adhere to the current guidelines to ensure Eildon Park Tennis Club can remain open for play.