EPTC Coaching Announcement – Introducing your 2020 Head Coach

Dear Members,

As you are aware, Eildon Park Tennis Club has completed a thorough tender process for the Head Coach role at our club for 2020 and beyond.  We were fortunate to have many quality applicants and interviewed a number of impressive candidates.

Our objectives were to secure a coaching team that provided:

  • The desire that all our Juniors would want to be coached at our Club.
  • A coaching price structure that works within a family budget.
  • Have a club oriented Coach who would support all Juniors, Members and Families.

It is with great excitement that we advise Stefan Woolley will be the Head Coach for EPTC commencing 1st January 2020.  Stefan’s enthusiastic, community focused coaching program will be solely based at Eildon Park, offer competitive pricing structures and have a real interest in developing the advancement of tennis at Eildon Park Tennis Club.  Stefan and his team of coaches will provide all the programs our members are familiar with, including Hot Shots, Cardio Tennis, Holiday Clinics, Private Lessons, Group Lessons, Junior & Senior Squads and High Performance Academy Squads. Tournament trips with players, match analysis, diet & gym, health & fitness, and remedial education is also something Stefan is passionate about.  You can find more information about Stefan by clicking here:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/powatennis

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/powatennis

Website: https://www.powatennis.com.au/

We will be holding “meet the coach” events towards the end of November.  This will be your opportunity to meet Stefan and find out about the programs he will be running commencing Term 1 2020, ask questions, and view our new EPTC / Masita junior tshirts.  Dates and further information will be advised shortly.

Eildon Park Tennis Club offers and will continue to offer a WIDE RANGE OF SECTIONS IN SENIORS AND JUNIORS which caters for tennis of any ability.

Throughout the tennis community, clubs are being amalgamated and management groups are taking over the running of many clubs.  Please be assured that Eildon Park Tennis Club will remain a strong stand alone club that always puts its members interests first.

AJ and his team will continue to provide coaching services through to the end of 2019.  We would like to thank MUSTA for their services at EPTC and wish them well.  All our members are encouraged to review their coaching commitments to find their best fit.  As mentioned above EPTC is confident our new coaching program will deliver the needs of all our members and community.

The committee is excited for 2020 and the club’s new coaching services.  Eildon Park Tennis Club remains the largest and most successful tennis club in Knox and we believe that once you have met Stefan, you’ll know why we have made a change that is a much better fit for our community club.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Leanne Siwes.

Kind regards,

Peter Vanson


0407 601 045


Kind regards,

Leanne Siwes


Eildon Park Tennis Club

EPTC Early Bird membership concluded

Hi members,

The Early Bird membership discount for October has now ended. All outstanding Early Bird membership invoices have lapsed and you will now need to renew via our club website. (except for those who have already contacted the club and made arrangements) Payment for BookaCourt bookings is now applicable for non members in the current 2019/2020 season.

Link to renew/register – https://eptc.org.au/join-eptc/

A further reminder to all competition players who have yet to renew/register. Kindly renew or contact the club ASAP to avoid suspension in playing weekly competition.

For all membership queries please contact Clem via membership@eptc.org.au or 0402 326 573.

**Final days for Early Bird Discount on Memberships**

Hi everyone, 

Just a friendly reminder to all our members who have yet to pay the membership renewal for season 2019/2020.  This is the final week of October and the chance to take up the 5% early bird discount.  Any unpaid invoices will be re-issued in November for the full amount.  Please contact me via membership@eptc.org.au if you’ve not received your invoice or need it reissued i.e to the right email address etc.

Note that the system will automatically suspend any unpaid accounts in November which also results in the loss of free court bookings via the BookaCourt system.  Competition players will also be reminded that any unpaid club memberships will result in suspension from weekend competition.  So please contact the club asap if you have any queries regarding your membership renewal.

Apologies in advance to all members who have already renewed.  Please disregard this email and thank you for taking up the early bird discount offer.

Kind regards,


Nights, MWL & MWM Entries Due

Team Registrations for Season 1 2020

For all NIGHT competition players – entries are now being taken for the next season commencing in February 2020. Due date for player entries for EPTC teams is 25th October. Please speak with your team captain, Stuart Naylor (KDNTA) or Jenny Morgan (WDTA) to register for next season. And if you know any non-members who would also be interested, feel free to pass on these details. We’re always looking for new people to join our club!

Stuart (nighttennis@eptc.org.au or 0403 001 275)

Jenny (dmorgs1@bigpond.com or 0400 538 017)


For all MWL (Thursdays) and MWM competition players – entries are now being taken for the next season commencing in February 2020. Due date for player entries for EPTC teams is 25th October. Please follow the appropriate link below to register and pay. And if you know any non-members who would also be interested, feel free to pass on these details. We’re always looking for new people to join our club!  Any questions can be directed to Jo Mitchell for MWL (jomitchell15@bigpond.com or 0402 484 518) and Peter Vanson for MWM (lee.peterv@rpj.net.au or 0407 601 045)

MWL – https://www.trybooking.com/561813

MWM – https://www.trybooking.com/561810

Courts 1 & 2 available

Hi Members,
GOOD NEWS! The dangerous light pole has been removed today, so access to courts 1 & 2 is once again available. If you’re booking at night, just be aware that it will be a little darker at the roadside end of the courts until the new tower is installed. We will advise again when this part of the work has been completed.
Thank you for your ongoing patience.

Progress update of Coaching Tender

Dear ETPC Members,

The committee of Eildon Park Tennis Club think it’s timely to provide you with a further update on the Coaching Tender process that has been ongoing for a few months now.

As the contract period with Musta was at the end its term, the club decided for a variety of reasons to invite suitably qualified coaches (including Musta) to apply for the position. Musta unilaterally decided to withdraw from the process. Musta has recently questioned aspects of the club’s operations. It certainly has a right to its views and as its views are not shared by the club, it has probably made the correct decision to withdraw from the application process. The club has interviewed some excellent applicants and believe that the successful applicant will offer an enthusiastic, community focused coaching program, will be solely based at Eildon Park, offer competitive pricing structures and have a real interest in developing the advancement of tennis at the Eildon Park Tennis club.

We wish Musta all the best with their future endeavours.

We are very excited about the upcoming announcement of our new head coach. We are lucky to have the best facilities in Knox and this new opportunity will help us establish deeper links between all levels of coaching participants and the club. Thank you for your continued support. You can be proud of your club, and we will continue to work in the best interests of all our members.

Kind regards,

Peter Vanson

EPTC President

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This Sunday the Annual General Meeting for our tennis club will be held in the clubrooms at 12pm. We have been extremely fortunate over the past number of years to have a small, but very dedicated group of people volunteering their time to help the club by taking positions on the committee. This coming Sunday sees some of these long-standing volunteers standing down. In particular, Michael Tomlinson who has been the President for the past 10 years, is stepping aside and will not be seeking re-election.
Now is the time for you to consider how you can make a difference to our club. Thankfully, due to modern technology and changes in processes and procedures, most of the tasks undertaken by the committee are less time consuming than they have been in the past. We also have agreement from the current incumbents that they are willing to assist in handovers so that those who are willing to help, can be reassured of ongoing support while you find your feet.
Please consider getting involved – don’t just assume someone else will do it. This is an exciting time for the club, yet we need more people involved in order to keep the club moving forward.
If you’d like to discuss any role, please feel free to get in touch. The AGM is an important time to hear about the future plans for the club.

AGM Agenda 11th Aug 2019

Committee Nomination form – 2019

EPTC Appointment of Proxy Form AGM 2019

Summer Juniors & Seniors – Entries for Next Season

It is that time again when you need to get your bookings in for Summer weekend competition tennis. It takes time to get the teams together, plus we have to send draft teams through to Waverley Tennis for their review hence the call NOW for registrations. For Junior weekend competition, please register for either Saturday or Sunday as soon as possible using the link below.

Juniors: https://www.trybooking.com/518311

Seniors: https://www.trybooking.com/518302

Player entries for Summer weekend competition tennis close 21 July 2019.

**Sale – your chance to grab a bargain**

With the commencement of our new deal with Masita, the club has decided to sell off the remaining stock of current EPTC t-shirts and hoodies at a great price of $30.00 each. This offer is available on a first in, first served basis and until current stock is sold out. So, if your child needs new EPTC clothing for this winter season, now is the time to grab a bargain! (Note: the “new” Masita t-shirts won’t be available until later in the year, however the design will remain the same as the current one, so it doesn’t matter if your child is wearing the new style t-shirts or the current one.)


Night Tennis, MidWeek Mens & Mid-Week Ladies Entries for Next Season

Night Tennis, MidWeek Mens & Mid-Week Ladies Entries for Next Season

At this time of year, the Summer/Autumn season for night tennis, midweek mens and midweek ladies is coming to a close, so it’s time to submit teams for the upcoming Winter/Spring season. If you’ve been thinking of getting involved in these competitions, now is the time for action.

As player payments for Night tennis are on the actual night of play, to be included in a team, it is essential that you contact either Stuart Naylor (Night Tennis Convenor) on 0403 001 275 for KDNTA competitions, or Ruth Cardullo on 0409 255 066 for WDTA competitions. Player entries for Night tennis close on 20 May.


For enquiries and entries for Mid-Week Mens competition, please contact Peter Vanson on 0407 601 045 or lee.peterv@rpj.net.au. To register and pay the season fees, please click the following link:


Player entries for Mid-Week Mens close at the end of May.


As entries for the Mid-Week Ladies competition are club based team entries (which is the same as Junior and Senior weekend tennis competitions), players are required to enter via:


This ensures that all player requests and payments are promptly received in advance of the team selection and submission to WDTA. Player entries for Mid-Week Ladies close at end of May. For enquiries regarding Mid-Week Ladies, please contact Jo Mitchell on 0402 484 518.