New Junior Convenor

As many of you would know, we’ve been very lucky to have Gary Clarke as our Junior Convenor for the past few seasons. Gary took on this role when no other volunteers came forward when Stuart Draffin stepped down after many many years. Gary has been a wonderful addition to the committee, and has successfully streamlined the duties of the role, making it much more flexible and far less time consuming. Gary has decided to step down from the role after he fulfils the clubs commitments for finals and submitting teams for Winter. As his children are continuing to play, Gary will continue to be around the club and helping out with the very important job of keeping the vending machine well stocked!

It is our pleasure to announce that Nick Ashton-Smith has agreed to take on the Junior Convenor role, and once the Winter season is under way, Gary will be doing a full handover to Nick. Nick plays on Tuesday nights and has a daughter who has just played her first season in juniors. You will be able to contact Nick on the number Gary has been using for all JC duties (0413 338 560) and we’ve set up a new email address specifically for JC communications, so please save into your contact list. We’ll introduce Nick to everyone at the Winter briefing session – date tbc.

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