Return to competition & general tennis protocols

Dear Members & Visitors,

All players need to understand their responsibilities before, during and after play.  Government Guidelines require that contact details and entry and exit times, are recorded for every person entering the Eildon Park Tennis Club venue.  This is vital information in the case of someone being diagnosed with COVID-19 at a later date and needing to trace everyone they may have been in contact with.  Tennis Victoria also recommends that only people core to playing or coaching should be at the venue.  For Junior competition, this specifically means that spectators are limited to one parent/guardian of each child at any time.

It is more important than ever to stay home if you are unwell.  Even if you have mild symptoms or only feel a little unwell, you should stay at home and contact your Team Manager / relevant Convenor immediately to arrange an emergency player.


EPTC Conditions of Entry for Competition Play, Coaching & Social Hitting

  • We encourage all players, parents and spectators to download the COVIDSafe app.
  • EPTC COVID-19 Responsible Officer is Rachel Krivanek.  If you have any questions, please email or call Rachel on 0423 202 814 or
  • The clubhouse will reopen on Monday 6th July for access to the Registration Table, sanitising and cleaning supplies and use of toilets.  Tables and chairs inside the clubhouse are not to be used at this time and the kitchen & bar remain closed.
  • The Registration Table inside the door of the clubhouse will have the Registration Book, hand sanitiser, disposable wipes, disposable gloves, and Spray & Wipe for cleaning surfaces.  There will be room for scorecards and pens as well.
  • EVERY TIME YOU ENTER THE VENUE, WHETHER PLAYING OR NOT, you must register your attendance by either writing your details in the Registration Book, OR via the QR code app found on external windows and on the Registration Table.
  • DHHS guidelines require cleaning of community facilities at least twice a day.  The coaching group will clean once during the day, and at the end of each day/night of competition, players will be required to clean and sanitise as per the list displayed at the Registration Table.
  • Players need to bring their own tennis related equipment, food and drink and not share with others.
  • Hand Sanitiser should be used frequently.
  • Where possible, scores should be recorded by one person, either with their own pen or a shared pen that is sanitised before and after use.
  • Opponents should change ends via opposite sides of the net.
  • A racquet tap should be used instead of shaking hands after a match.
  • Court gates to be left open to minimise contact with hard surfaces and minimise the requirement for cleaning.
  • All current Government hygiene protocols and physically distancing requirements are clearly signed around the venue and are to be adhered to at all times.


Victoria Police are responsible for enforcing compliance with COVID-19 State of Emergency restrictions and serious penalties and on the spot fines apply where individuals or groups are found to be non-compliant.  As a tenant of a council owned facility, if we are found to be in breach of State Government directives, Council will issue written instructions to comply.  If this is still not addressed, Victoria Police may be contacted for further action.  Depending on the circumstances, use of the council-owned facility may also be reviewed.  Therefore, it is each person’s responsibility to adhere to the current guidelines to ensure Eildon Park Tennis Club can remain open for play.

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