Sponsorship – The Sporting Globe

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with The Sporting Globe at Knox Ozone. Looking for a venue for a fun night out? Perhaps a few drinks before watching the game on the huge screens? What about a family friendly early dinner time with a great kids menu? Well, The Sporting Globe should be your next venue of choice.
The Sporting Globe Team Sponsorship Program is their way of giving back to the community and its sports clubs.
Every time you spend with TSG, not only will you receive your regular loyalty benefits but your nominated local sports club (EPTC of course!) will also receive points. Our club will then receive a rebate depending on the points target reached. Each month our club will receive a Scorecard keeping all members up-to-date with the tally progress.
With daily specials and a huge menu, we’re delighted to provide this opportunity to our members to get involved.
It’s so easy to get started:
Step 1 – download The Sporting Globe app.
Step 2 – Sign up / Log in and fill in the required fields.
Step 3 – Go to the “more info” page as this is where you select Eildon Park Tennis Club. Select TEAM SPONSORSHIP, Scroll & Select YOUR CLUBS NAME
(EPTC), Press UPDATE in the top right corner.
That’s all you need to do to earn your own TSG credits, plus contribute to the clubs collection of loyalty points.
We’d love to hear about your experiences at TSG, so make sure to comment below.
Full instructions: TSG_How_To_Sign_Up
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