Tennis during lockdown

Dear Members,

Further to the State Government’s announcement yesterday, it is clear that any form of competition tennis will not be going ahead any time soon. Whilst this is disappointing, what is encouraging is that tennis remains on the approved exercise list for these next 6 weeks. The guidelines from Tennis Victoria state:

  • Casual play for members of the same household or for 2 people from different households.  (Simply put; this means family members from the same household can play singles or doubles together on one court. Two people from different households can only play singles – no doubles permitted.)
  • Coaching for members of the same household or one to one coaching.
  • All other programs and activity must cease until further notice.
  • Tennis equipment must not be shared.
  • No one from outside a lockdown area may play at a facility within the lockdown area – and vice versa.
  • Clubhouse must be closed, except for allowing access to toilets.

Please abide by all current guidelines and Conditions of Entry, ie., don’t invite people from outside our community, continue to register and sign in whilst onsite, be extremely vigilant with using sanitiser and wiping down surfaces you’ve touched, and get in – play – and go home.

There are no exceptions to these rules.  No other combinations allowed at this stage.  In fact, the police visited our venue this morning, so expect further visits from now on.

Victoria Police are responsible for enforcing compliance with COVID-19 State of Emergency restrictions and serious penalties and on the spot fines apply where individuals or groups are found to be non-compliant. As a tenant of a council owned facility, if we are found to be in breach of State Government directives, Council will issue written instructions to comply. If this is still not addressed, Victoria Police may be contacted for further action. Depending on the circumstances, use of the council-owned facility may also be reviewed. Therefore, it is each person’s responsibility to adhere to the current guidelines to ensure Eildon Park Tennis Club can remain open for play.

We will continue to keep you updated with changes as we progress through this second lockdown phase.

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